Founder Webinar FAQ

1) I row, sculling mainly, but sometimes sweep. Will Atlas know when I’m rowing, rather than reps could it show strokes per minute when it knows I’m rowing?

Imagine a paint dot on your wrist, and when you move it, it leaves a 3D trail; We can essentially track that inertial sensor fingerprint and classify it to the correct exercise be it upper body exercises, or even leg exercises (like squats, dead-lifts, and lunges). There are some limitations if your arms are completely still while exercising (i.e. leg press) however we’re working on a modular design so you can move the sensor to your ankle for tracking!

Check out our Reddit forum to suggest new exercises:

2) I have 2 — 1. If “our color” doesn’t make it, can we be given a “last licks” vote? e.g., I voted Orange but if it was between Blue and Red I’d throw in for Red. Probably too difficult, but can’t hurt to ask. 2. Could the alternate band be “Kickstarter supporters only” or have some sort of “something” that show we “funded” the campaign? I think you guys are going to make it BIG and I’d love for a “Kickstarter Atlas” to somehow be “different than” what will become the “standard retail Atlas.”

1. Great question. After we get the top 3 colors, we’ll have another contest to vote for the final color. The vote for the colors will end at the campaign’s end.

2. Great idea! We have some Easter eggs for the backers of Atlas to show that you’ve been with us since the beginning. Without you guys, none of this would be possible!

3) You have stated that Atlas will be able to learn new exercises? What will the process be to “teach” Atlas a new exercise? Will it be intuitive? Can you do it solely with the Atlas alone or will it require the Atlas to be teathered to a smartphone and the required data (name of the exercise) need to be input into an Atlas ap.

See question No. 1.

4) If we teach Atlas a new exercise do we lose any functionality of the device, as compared to exercises that come pre-loaded or that are added by you via a possible software update? I.e. Will it be able to give feedback on “form for an exercise that I teach Atlas? Will it know what muscle groups the added exercise targets? Or will I need to/be able to input that information? etc….

If you train Atlas to learn new exercise, we cannot give you an accurate form score. It will be able to identity the new muscle groups based on new user input. From the new exercises the new community creates, we’ll reach out to the fitness experts in our network to collect data and create the standard for those exercise.

5) Any change on if the first consumer production model Atlas will be waterproof beyond 1m? Will it be waterproof up to 90-100m?

Currently Atlas is designed to be waterproof for 1 meter, but with your support on the next stretch goal, we will make it waterproof up to 100 meters! We’re very excited to offer that to the Indiegogo community.

6) Will you at the company have access to our data that it stored in the app? Will you pull our personal exercise data/metrics and/or unique fingerprints for all exercises that we perform and compare them to your initial data set, and across the community, in order to improve your data/incidents of potential error.

Yes. For personalization improvements, we will look at your own data. But, for for the gold standard for all exercises, that will be from the data provided by the fitness experts from our network.

7) Will the Atlas be more than just a fitness tracker? Ideally id like to see other “smart watch” capabilities so it would be useful to wear every day. Some features id like to see include:
* The ability to control the phones music, Ability to alert phone to help find it (and vice versa). Able to control functions of the phone eg change volume. When in proximity to the phone, the phones lock screen is deactivated, Have a mode that just detects steps taken, for example- to improve battery life if used during the day, Log sleep data and wake up with vibrations, Incorporate GPS. I know there will be an open apk to develop these but will any of these features be available at launch?

Not only does Atlas tell time, it can tell start time, rest time, and more! Atlas is designed to provide the best user experience and algorithms while wearing at the gym. It also has the basic wearable functionality: steps, sleep and distance, but the technology in Atlas really shines with exercises and workouts.

And yes there will be an open API available for everyone after launch, but developer contributors will have access before everyone else.

8) How will the device determine distance travelled (for example when running/ cycling)?
We’re developing algorithms to measure both running and cycling as accurately as possible to give the full Atlas experience for all exercises.

Will the algorithms being developed be able to detect if someone is sprinting based on heart rate and arm movement, and adjust the distance travelled accordingly?

Heart rate isn’t the most accurate way to measure distance. But, with the heart rate and exercise data, we’ll be able to provide the most accurate caloric burn in the market.

9) Atlas is great at recognizing specific workouts and counting reps. Would it also be possible to do the reverse by programming a workout routine plan with target reps and use the watch as a guide through our routine?

For exercise tracking we currently have two modes in our roadmap. In the first mode Atlas will automatically track your exercises with close to zero user interaction. The second mode we call Personal Trainer mode. You can pre-load a workout (exercises, sets, reps) and the Atlas will guide and track your entire workout.

10) Hi guys, great product just wanted to know. If this device will be able to handle workout programme such as in below link. When the routine is different over a number of weeks. For example high reps, low weight, one week, low reps, heavy weight the other, then repeat. This would mean that it would know that one week you are just on the first week of the routine and the device wouldn’t think you getting worse in your training in week two. Thanks, John C

It doesn’t only score you on the power generated. The way Atlas analytics are designed to accomodate a wide spectrum of exercise, techniques — high or low intensity — cardio vascular, core strength, pull muscles, etc…

11) A comparison with another similar product launching before yours does: PUSH (also on Indigogo) please.

Here is a chart we’ve designed to make it easy to see all the comparisons. If you have any other questions about the comparison, please ask us and we’ll get back to you.

Screen Shot 2014-01-30 at 12.18.27 PM

12) You’ve mentioned about adding other exercise related activities in the future, could this include squash or tennis?

Yes! The algorithm works on basically all repetitive 3D motions. The strength training space is really our beach head in to all types of motion. At launch, you’ll be able to train Atlas with new motions so we’re really excited to see all the different applications people come up with. Imagine getting Tiger Woods’ golf swing or Ray Allen’s 3-pt shot.

13) When will you have gps integration to support runners, cyclists and others that would want to map to Google Maps and perform analysis.?

The first revision of Atlas will not include GPS, but we will be able to estimate your distance based on stride length and length of the pool. We recommend you put the Atlas on your ankle for more accurate data, but you don’t need to when running. For cyclists, however, putting it on the ankle will give you accurate data. Also, you will be able to export to data to sync with MapMyFitness which is perfect for runners!

14) While there be an option for tracking sleep cycles including restlessness and wake times so that we can get an idea of how well we are sleeping?

We are super focused on providing the best possible product for those who go to the gym, however sleep and step tracking is also on our road map for release.

15) Can it track gymnastic style exercises? Such as planche work, handstand pushups, ring work, etc…

See question No. 12.

16) What will be Atlas’ durability? Will i be able to wear it under my lacrosse gloves to track my passes, catches and shots? Or will it be a strictly in the gym item that i will have to be careful with? -Thanks, Chad

That’s a great suggestion, Chad! Our algorithm can track all repetitive 3D motions, so we’ll definitely keep that in mind for athletes like yourself. At launch, you’ll be able to train Atlas with new motions so we’re really excited to see all the different applications people come up with

17) Can we have a list of exercises that the unit has been pre-programmed with? Also, how sensitive is the unit to position… Example, LUCY does push ups and ALEX does pushups but their hands and bodies are in different position, will the unit know intuitively that LUCY and ALEX are both doing push ups or will Alex’s push ups be labeled as TRIANGLE pushups instead of REGUAL push ups? or vice versa depending oh placement of either Lucy’s or Alex’s hands when performing the exercise?

See question No. 1. 

18) Your video shows a person diving into a pool but when I dive in I could go below a meter briefly . Would that compromise my atlas? What design changes and manufacturing changes will have to be made to protect atlas to 50-100m? Will atlas be able to keep track of laps?

We’re highly optimistic that we’ll reach our stretch goal and protect the Atlas to 50-100m. Our algorithm will make it possible to track laps.

19) I also saw TRX in your video. Will atlas initially be able to recognize proper form of the TRX suite of exercises?

We’re testing many different exercises and have built a basic library of some of the most popular exercises. Whether or not specific TRX movements are included will depend on the database that our backers will curate! Every backer gets a vote!

20) How does your technology recognize the reps for the arm not wearing the band for alternating db curls and other alt exercise?

See question No. 1.

21) Can you incorporate a beep sound on the band or even within the app to sound if your form is not proper or to beep to signal an interval timer? It seems like it may be easier to do some of this type of stuff via the app instead of the hardware…at least for the first version of the product.

While we’re tirelessly working to make the best product possible that can identify your exercises, track reps and organize them into sets, we recognize that in order to deliver our backers a product on time we may not be able to include all of those features in our initial release.

22) I backed Amiigo and have already seen a seven month delay due them having problems with getting parts involved in “”new technologies””. This was one of the biggest complaints that backers had with amiigo. What is Atlas doing to avoid lengthy delays in production and shipment?

We are confident with our development schedule. For starters, our projection for delivery of Atlas to our backers is about 11 months. This is longer than what many delayed projects have promised (3-6 months). We’ve analyzed the manufacturability and have developed relationships with leaders in the hardware manufacturing space to avoid as many obstacles as possible.

23) Most companies have great communication while an Indiegogo campaign is active and are radio silent with minimal updates after the campaign is over. Will Atlas Wearables maintain active updates and/or a blog that this updated often?

Absolutely! This is why we hired a Community Manager, and the founders will be blogging, too, to provide updates after the indiegogo campaign is finished.

24) How FINAL is your design? Should we expect to see major revisions or just minor tweaks along the way? I see that some backers are showing concern about the horizontal display. Have you seen in your prototype testing that the horizontal display will get in the way of workouts?

The top part of your forearm is actually one of the places you’re least likely to get injured. We’ve found a couple of exercises that get in the way of the device (Kettlebells) but don’t worry! Atlas also works on the inside portion of your wrist!

The design is NOT 100% final but the pictures of our prototypes are very close. We’re testing different types of bands in the gym environment to find the one that is best suited. There will also be some minor cosmetic upgrades to make Atlas sleeker and compatible with manufacturing techniques at scale.

25) In your render pics and videos the OLED display looks so vibrant and sharp. Is there any chance that it will actually be that vibrant and sharp/clear in the final product?

Yea! We’re exploring different types of OLED displays to find the best one in terms of contrast, brightness, and effect on battery life.

26) Not being a swimmer, I would rather see the vibration motor added as the next stretch goal. Any chance you can give the community a chance to vote on that? Thank you, Keith C.,

We’re very optimistic that we will reach our stretch goal to make it waterproof. The vibration motor is next, and with everyone’s support, we hope to get that in the first generation Atlas.

27) I would like to discuss using the Atlas for another project by having a feature / app added to the Atlas system. How would you handle adding a feature / app which could popularize the use of Atlas [and potentially create jobs in the process]?

We are opening our API to the public to enable anyone to develop the solutions we are all looking for. We’re very excited about the endless possibilities of Atlas in the future!

28) Why did you choose MapMyFitness and Fitocracy as your initial platforms?

We’ve been lucky enough to have the founders of MMF and Fitocracy as mentors of ours. These two platforms encompass a wide spectrum of fitness enthusiasts and their platform integrates well with our mission.

29) Will I still receive the atlas even though you have met your goal?

We’ve actually met our goal, and everyone who bought a perk will receive an Atlas! The stretch goals is to add new functionality to it on the initial launch.

Here is the video to the webinar if you want to get more information. As always, feel free to reach out to us via email or social media for any questions!


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